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Cost estimation, cash management and towage contract management services

Cash Management

Save more with our Cash Management Service

DIABOS manages payments to agents/vendors and reconciliation of accounts pertaining to port costs, at a nominal fee per port call.

Your money is securely managed through a ‘Purpose Trust Account’. While you maintain direct access to the account for verification and audit purposes, the account can only be used for payments due to agents.

* The account is held in Trust’ means that the money belongs to you even in the event of financial claims against DIABOS or its other customers, or in the event of DIABOS going bankrupt.

Our Cash Management Service procedure undergoes regular System Controls and Process audits by KPMG in order to confirm our compliance with ISAE 3402/SSAE 16 SOC 1 (US SOC and European international standards required for a service provider to stock listed companies).

Value Delivered

  • No transaction fees or bank charges and no account maintenance charges
  • Avail most competitive foreign exchange rates for 132 local currencies
  • Mandatory compliance check of the beneficiary before each remittance
  • All transactions are secure and operated by DIABOS under stringent system controls
  • Each remittance compared against benchmarked rates
  • Remittance confirmations sent to the beneficiary via automated SWIFT copies
  • Bank balance replenishment as required, saving your accounts team valuable monitoring time
  • Periodic Cash Flow Reporting scheduled as per your requirement

*** DIABOS does not involve in treasury operations. We maintain complete transparency in accounting to avoid the risks of exchange rate fluctuations for ourselves as well as our clients.