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Message from the CEO

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Welcome to DIABOS. It gives me immense pleasure to introduce DIABOS to you. I take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website.

We are an exciting group of young enthusiasts who have come together to create an exhilarating and fully functional service platform for port costs management across the globe.

“DIABOS’s strategy is simple; our focus is to assist ship owners, operators, managers efficiently manage port costs and associated processes. Our first-hand experience with the industry has helped us understand the intricacies of the various sectors involved. Our team has identified the varying costs and workflow requirements of these sectors and has customised solutions for each. Today, DIABOS has specialized teams and modules handling the different industry segments, and we are proud to have the most flexible and adaptable system in Port Cost Management.”

The shipping industry is constrained with challenges. We have witnessed great volatility within the industry since we started in 2008. We believe that the success of your businesses lies in pre-empting challenges and taking quick corrective measures, and innovation is the key to doing this.

At DIABOS we continue investing in newer technologies and develop better means to support shipping companies, facilitating them to minimize costs, while maintaining highest level of service quality and data security.

We are very confident that our focus on cost negotiation, data benchmarking, coupled with our high quality vetting services will provide enhanced value to each of our customers.

- Imran Vohra, CEO