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DIABOS Enhances Customer Experience by Adopting Cloud Computing

Tuesday, 07 February 2017

With customer experience being at the forefront of its decision-making, DIABOS has taken a huge step to transform the way it communicates with its principals and partners by migrating to Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing resources - everything from applications to data centres - over the internet on a pay-for-use basis. Simply put, one can store and access data and programs over the internet as opposed to using a computer’s hard drive.

The term "cloud" is sometimes defined to be one and the same as "the web". However, in reality, while cloud services make use of the web, the term is not synonymous with “the web” simply because not everything on the web is a cloud service.

Cloud migration is the process of moving a part of or all of the company data from traditional data storage locations to modern storage locations through a cloud provider. DIABOS’s website serves as the main platform of communication for its customers to undertake various interactions like transactions, customer support, information sharing and brand building. In order to further enhance and improve this mode of communication, DIABOS has migrated its website and applications to a superior and agile infrastructure platform in the cloud by partnering with ESDS Technologies, one of the world’s leading data center services and cloud solution providers.

With this move, DIABOS will now be hosting its website and its back-end transactional systems on a secure, dedicated cloud thereby providing seamless and uninterrupted access to the DIABOS application for its principals. Additionally, in order to ensure an uninterrupted service, a disaster recovery site will also be made available for the changeover in case the main site fails.

With this progressive step, DIABOS will be able to offer increased benefits to its customers which include

  • Higher uptime of the company website and transactional systems, now further possible due to the infinite infrastructure scalability.
  • Faster access to the company website due to the lower latency in connectivity to the cloud.
  • An added advantage of a Disaster Recovery Architecture of the back-end infrastructure on the cloud.
  • Enhanced data security due to the dedicated “Infrastructure as a Service” solution from the Cloud Service Provider.
  • Overall increased customer satisfaction due to enhanced speed and reliability.
  • Most businesses over the years have been moving to cloud-based networks and hosting solutions in order to make themselves more scalable, secure and efficient.

For DIABOS, this step will also offer a number of benefits internally such as

  • Mobility and flexibility of employees to work from anywhere, anytime securely.
  • Ease of collaboration for authorized employees to access same files and programs at once.
  • Optimal utilization of hardware resources, reduced software, and other computing costs.
  • Improved system availability and business continuity capabilities.
  • A flexible platform that can scale up and down to meet the requirements of both the business and our customers.
  • Simplified management.

When it comes to cloud computing, security is usually a major concern for business owners as well as customers. DIABOS along with ESDS Technologies will be taking necessary steps to ensure a secure cloud, namely: the application software hosted on the ESDS server will be a compiled one; access to servers will be restricted and infrastructure will be monitored through an auto alert notification mechanism 24 hours a day by experts; servers will be highly secured with firewalls and various policies in place; and communication between clients and the ESDS server will be channelled using a secured connection.

This digitization initiative implemented by DIABOS is the first of many for 2017. As our business grows in the coming year, cloud hosting will allow us to be prepared for high traffic demands and scale up quickly with minimal cost without having to spend on extra hardware. Deploying and maintaining an IT infrastructure (e.g. the software, server, and storage) is a long, expensive and arduous task since there are several things to consider such as hardware costs, cooling, storing, power and skilled maintenance.

DIABOS believes that migrating to cloud computing will help us pass on the cost savings to our customers in the long run and focus on what matters most i.e. our core business solutions and innovation.

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