Diabos System

Reliable at all times

The DIABOS Systems are quick, flexible, and yet extremely robust and dependable. Its comprehensive solutions and secure network delivers effective process customizations while safeguarding your data from unauthorized access. Our in-house team of IT professionals fortifies your operations with a seamless support structure.

Group speaks about DIABOS
  • Convenient Usage

    The DIABOS system workflows being completely web-based, require no installation, and involves no maintenance costs.

  • Fast & Flexible

    Besides being quick and easy to use, it is customizable and can seamlessly integrate with third party voyage and accounting systems.

  • Secure

    System and data security is of paramount importance to us for we hold our clients’ sensitive port call related data for multiple years. We continually invest in upgrading our system security to be of the highest standard. (Please click here to know more)

  • Hassle free Management

    Our approach is simple, systematic, and accountable at every level. DIABOS system and processes have a maker-checker mechanism at every key process to ensure high quality and increased accuracy.

  • At your Service, 24 x 7

    DIABOS follows best practice norms and ICT infrastructure to ensure high uptime of our services making them available 24 x 7. Our in-house team of IT professionals and skilled industry experts ensure continuity of services and support to integrations at all times.

  • Uninterrupted Service

    All maintenance and system updates which require the system to be taken down temporarily are scheduled in the weekend time gap. This window from Saturday evening to Sunday morning is chosen so as not to affect normal weekday working hours.

    We ensure uninterrupted service to all our clients and keep them updated well in advance about scheduled maintenance/version release.

    We have also developed innovative ready solutions for transactions and updates from agents/vendors during the scheduled maintenance period.

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