Charter Party & Laytime Services

Charter Party & Laytime Services

Sail through cumbersome laytime calculations and documentation
Laytime Calculation is a time-consuming and laborious shipping task. Having our well-experienced Post-Fixture Support Team help manage this aspect efficiently and in a timely manner can save you a considerable amount of money and avoid unwanted disputes.

In addition, DIABOS has a Document Management Module integrated into its DA service Platform. This module manages your important documentation tasks pertaining to legal and accounting, and for future reference purposes.

Service Features:

Standardized Statement of Facts (SOFs)
Laytime and Demurrage calculation
Follow up for Demurrage payments and accounts reconciliation
Follow-up with agents and service providers for required documents
All documents and port call communication are attached to the respective port call for easy retrieval


All communications between DIABOS and the customer is carried out via a dedicated email id and contact number for the Customer.
DIABOS clients provide the following documents to the PF team:
Final Charter Party/Recap/Fixture Note.
SOF, NOR, BOL’s and other relevant cargo documents.
Any communication between the operator, agent, master, and charterer’s which is not part of the above but will affect the Laytime calculation.
Any special instructions/events to be considered when preparing the LTC.
DIABOS performs laytime calculations for the client based on the documents (Recap / Cargo Docs / SOF / LOP’s / BL’s etc) provided by the operator via email.
DIABOS does not communicate with any third party for the documents.
Calculations are carried out on DIABOS systems (BNV or similar) and sent back for review.
Calculations performed by DIABOS are based on the terms of the CP and cargo documents provided. 
DIABOS only contacts the operator for clarification on any events not included in the CP or for any missing documents and does not liaise with any 3rd party.
Calculations are prepared for the benefit of the client, within the scope of the CP terms and documents in hand. If any specific events are to be considered, the operator to notify DIABOS.
DIABOS does not provide any legal expertise to its clients.
DIABOS is not involved in any commercial negotiations or settlements.
While DIABOS endeavors to carry out each calculation as accurately as possible, within the scope of the charter party, DIABOS is not responsible for any legal or commercial claims/settlements by the client


All communications between DIABOS and the Customer is carried out via a dedicated email id and contact number for the Customer.
For each CP requested by the Customer, the Customer provides DIABOS with the following information :
Base CP (from broker if not available)
Fixture Note/Recap
Working Draft CP Main & Rider along with any corrections to be made.
Comment for correction to be made.
Contact details of broker/owner.
Upon receipt of the recap from the customer, DIABOS writes the working CP either using a base CP or basis of a last-done pro-forma which has been shared by the customer.
CP writing is either done on the CP editor software or offline, depending on the type of document.
For CP writing all documents are sent by the operator and communication is restricted with the operator only.

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Charter Party & Laytime Services

Charter Party & Laytime Services

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